Making 3D comics using SketchUp - COPYING EYES & EYEBROWS

Now to make a copy of the eye and eyebrow groups!

Right-click on the eye socket white surface:

From the pop-up menu, Select > Connected Faces:

Right-click on the eye socket white surface again. From the pop-up menu, Select > Bounding Edges:

Hold down the Ctrl key and select both the eye and eyebrow groups (holding down Ctrl while selecting adds more elements to those elements already selected; if you didn't hold down Ctrl then only one element would be selected; holding down Shift and selecting an element will de-select that element):

Select the Move/Copy tool and:

  • Left-mouse-click once on the eyebrow (any selected element would do, I happened to pick the eyebrow).
  • Tap the Ctrl key to switch on copy (the cursor should now also show a "+" to indicate copy mode is active).
  • Tap the Right Arrow button (this tells SketchUp you want to stay firmly on the red X-axis).
  • Move the mouse to the right. A copy of the highlighted elements should follow this movement along the red X-axis:

When you judge that the copying elements are in approximately the right position, left-mouse-click once to fix them onto the face:

Sanity Check - So Far So Good

Just to give some perspective on what's been done so far... the eyes and eyebrows groups have been created, and because they're groups, they can be moved to approximate eye movement and expression!

They can also be copied into other character models and used over and over, with new colors applied if desired, so you don't need to draw them from scratch every time...


Next step: Noses

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