Not suitable for minors, contains violence and awful Chop Sockey stereotypes.  
Abandoned watch tower

Comic Fury Secret Santa 2012
by HimitsuNotebook
by HimitsuNotebook
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Comic Fury Secret Santa 2010
by Hedgehogboy5
by Hedgehogboy5
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Lord Jondo's fortress

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In a fantasy feudal Japan, young Princess Yukisaki-noh-Jondo struggles to avenge her family's demise, with the help of her faithful cat Tetsu and a supernatural being, Mashen-Shiru.
Yuki finds the old tower Koga is up to no good Mashen-Shiru arrives Koga's treachery Uesugi and the Ninja The Voice of Thunder Uesugi and the Ninja II Strange changes Inside the tower Captain Goru's tale Noshi-Goro The sounds of Nature The Council of Heavenly Judges The Ninja Returns! Peaceful Times Along came a spider Monsters Destiny stones Spiders & Demons The Plan Unfolds Yama-Tengu Trouble in the Tower The Plan Flops Devious Priest Takahiro The barrier Into the Destiny Stone Demon Lord Tetsu Unchained Two Armies Back to the Past Back to the Watch Tower Noshi-Goro arises Kill Princess Yukisaki! The Bolt of Lightning The warrior within Just when we were getting used to it...

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