Sword Princess Yukisaki

Ninja assassin, most deadly
Princess Yukisaki-noh-Jondo Princess Yukisaki, last of the Jondo Clan, whose family is murdered by the cunning Lord Noburo. Yuki swears vengeance!
Tetsu Yuki's faithful cat, Tetsu, who gains the power of speech and undergoes a staggering physical change when a mystical portal is opened.
Mashen-Shiru Mashen-Shiru, a heavenly being who enters this world through the mystical portal, to bring Princess Yuki a gift. Shiru appears to be a large pink rabbit but this is not his true form, as he is a mighty warrior in his own dimension.
The Voice of Thunder The Voice of Thunder, a sword with mystical powers, which Shiru brings to Yuki inside a little wooden box that is capable of holding much more than it appears. Yuki and the little wooden box that holds the Voice of Thunder
Uesugi, warrior-priest Uesugi, a mysterious priest who carries deadly blades and is not afraid to use them when the situation warrants violent action. SPOILER! Uesugi is later revealed to be a former demon ninja believed to have been cleansed of evil. Evil Uesugi
Popo Popo, Uesugi's friend, who bears a message from their Master. Popo's unusual power is that he is incorruptible and rejects evil in any form. He is also physically powerful and swift, like a tai-fun.
Akiko Akiko, whom Popo knows, as she has been sent by Master to keep an eye on him, albeit invisibly. But Uesugi senses her presence and casts a spell that reveals Akiko, leaving her vulnerable to attack.
Akiko Master, blind mystic warrior priest whose school is philosophically opposed to Chaotic evil, and sends warrior monks out into the world to fight said evil in all its forms. Uesugi, Popo and Akiko are numbered among Master's graduates.
Lord Jondo and Lady Jondo Yuki's parents, Lord Ichen Jondo and Lady Jondo, slaughtered by ninja assassins on the orders of Lord Noburo.
Lord Noburo Lord Noburo, enemy to Yuki's father, Lord Jondo. Noburo hired ninja assassins to storm Castle Jondo and assassinate Yuki's family, and then attacked with his army.
Captain Goru Goru, Lord Noburo's captain, an ice-cold tactician and faithful lick-spit.
Koga the spy Koga, a spy who pretended to be a servant in the Jondo household and betrayed Yuki's family by arranging the ninja attack. When the ninja reveal Yuki is still alive, Koga hurries to find and kill her, since Lord Noburo ordered that all the Jondo family must die.
Evil Ninja Unnamed ninja assassin who displays dark magical abilities including invisibility and bodily possession. This ninja knows Uesugi and fights with him. Uesugi leaves the ninja impaled on razor-sharp throwing stars, pinned to a destiny stone. But the ninja has a habit of popping up again when least expected. Evil Ninja and Destiny Stone
Noshi-Goro Noshi-Goro, a heavenly being of enormous size and power, who likes the taste of human flesh very much. Noshi and Shiru know each other but they do not appear to be friends.
Yama-Tengu Yama-Tengu, a giant being of unknown power, summoned by the evil ninja. Yama-Tengu feasts upon souls, but can only accept souls that were slain by him (?) or are offered to him by his (?) worshippers. Yama-Tengu and Evil Ninja
Gai-Jing Gai-Jing, a priest whom Yuki encounters in "Heaven" -- who turns out to be a demon in disguise!
Takahiro Takahiro, a samurai whom Yuki encounters in "Heaven".
Ninja assassin, invisible magician

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