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  GSS Eagle










  GSS Eagle's shuttle








  New Terra, Procyon System

Captain William Star, Earthman, given command of the brand-new Space Navy vessel, Galactic Survey Ship (GSS) Eagle. Star's previous command was the probe ship Bluebird, lost with all hands in a classified incident, Star was the only survivor.
Commander L'zfer, a Devil (member of the H'lspau race, an extremely tough, superintelligent species otherwise known as the Hellspawn). The Demon Wars lasted ten years and cost millions of sentient lives before the Devils were eventually defeated by the Galactic Friendship and confined to their homeworld. L'zfer's surprise assignment to Eagle created immediate tension among the crew, many of whom are from the Outer Colonies which suffered horribly under Hellspawn occupation.  
Ensign Kendra Amoha, Vega Colonist, navigation officer. Dubbed a "Nightstalker" by other crew members. Possesses telepathic abilities as a result of Hellspawn experimentation. As with many Outer Colony crew members, Kendra joined Space Navy to "pay back" the debt they owe the Friendship for freeing them from Hellspawn rule.
Lieutenant Charles Edward Stuart, Earthman, bridge officer. Missed taking part in the Demon Wars by a matter of weeks, and is resentful of this.  
Lieutenant Carl Ruger, Earthman, pilot bridge officer. Eagle is his first assignment after graduating from Space Navy Academy. Likes to fly things very fast. Deceased father was a decorated hero in the Demon Wars.  
Ensign Tunka, Regulus Colonist, Gnuk warrior clan, communications officer. Protective of Ensign Kendra to whose people the Gnuk owe gratitude for aiding them against the Hellspawn. Resentful at being assigned to a weaponless survey ship rather than a warship.  
Security Chief "Byron," member of the Zedun race. The Zedun were created by the Hellspawn as a food source and were designed to be mindless, yet they possess sentient brain pods that can be transferred to newly grown bodies, granting them virtual immortality. No one knows where the brain pods originated. Only a few humans seem able to communicate with the Zedun, who have no power of speech.  
Doctor Kathleen O'Hara, Martian Colonist, ship's physician and xenobiologist, especially interested in Devils and Zedun.  
Chief Engineer MacDougal, Earthman. Was part of the Friendship task force that annihilated the Devil fleet at the battle of Proxima Centauri (known to the Hellspawn as Krell's Rift). L'zfer believes MacDougal's incomprehensible Scottish accent is a secret battle language that helped confuse and defeat the Hellspawn.  
Chief Ventura, Teleport Analyst, former instructor at Space Navy Academy and Star's mentor.  
Crewman De Santos, Outer Colonies.
Under arrest pending result of mutinous action.
Crewman Dorman, Outer Colonies.
Killed in mutinous action.
Crewman Voss, Outer Colonies.
Under arrest pending result of mutinous action.
UPDATE: Classified. You do not have authorization to view this information.
Nurse Clara Estrov, Outer Colonies.  
Medic Blair, Earthman.  
Ensign Caine, Earthman.  
Lieutenant Jane Mira, Science Analysis Team Leader/Security Officer.  
Specialist Ronson, murdered by Captain Nialstrom aboard X-13 Scimitar.  
Specialist Halliday, murdered by Captain Nialstrom aboard X-13 Scimitar.  
Lieutenant Calvetti, pilot bridge officer.  
Ensign Zhalane, navigation officer.  
??? Unknown entity who appeared in Eagle's Medical Lab when prompted by Star. [CLASSIFIED] Analysis data suggests shi (she/he/it) previously inhabited Chief Ventura and then shifted bodies, when Ventura died, to inhabit Ensign Tunka.  
Lashan of the Krench, Station Administrator, Orbital Repair and Supply Station L-17, orbiting New Terra, Procyon System. Lashan and apparently all of the Krench race bear a grudge against Star due to some unspecified past incident.
Admiral Kena, Space Navy Administration. Part of a secret conspiracy, along with other high-ranking human officers, determined to restart a war against the Hellspawn. Star is opposed to this, believing such a war will shatter the Friendship of Worlds and plunge the galaxy into chaos. The Devils may have been defeated once before, but they have been forging links with alien allies since the previous war ended.
Captain Valerie Strachan, strategist & tactician, number one in her class at Space Navy Academy. Working for Admiral Kena. Assigned to assist Captain Bollinger aboard GSS Condor.
Captain Bollinger, in command of GSS Condor. Working for Admiral Kena.
A Null, member of a telepathically linked race, seemingly recruited by Captain Bollinger to crew the ships used by the conspiracy. The Nulls operate on a hierarchical phylum linkage, with each phylum branch supervised by a Prime. When the Prime is killed or voluntarily shuts down, effectively committing suicide, members of the phylum go into stasis until a new Prime evolves and takes over, a process that can take days or even weeks.
Captain Tekin, GSS Sparrowhawk, working for Admiral Kena.
Commander Darano, GSS Falcon, working for Admiral Kena.
Captain Nialstrom, commander X-13 Scimitar, mutated by Warpstream energies.
Fourth Officer Shandra Belday, X-13 Scimitar, the only other survivor besides Nialstrom.
Admiral Rider, Space Navy Administration. Senior member of the conspiracy determined to restart hostilities with the Hellspawn (see Admiral Kena above).
Admiral Kolanda, Space Navy Administration. Working with Admiral Rider.
Admiral Dunning, Space Navy Administration. Working with Admiral Rider.
Valentin Tarkov, First Officer, probe ship Bluebird which was lost with all hands (except for its captain) in a classified incident. The probe ship fleet was the backbone of Space Navy during the Demon Wars and, although the design has been superseded by a newer generation of vessels, they are still in service.
Yeoman Megan Halley, crew member, probe ship Bluebird.  
Captain John Daharis, commanding probe ship Kingfisher.
Anonymous Kingfisher crew member.  





  H'lspau Beelzebub war vessel






  X-13 Scimitar





  The Maxwell, Type One Contruction Vessel, built in Lunar orbit, launched 2149.  Reported lost in the Warpstream one year after launch.

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