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Contains comic violence plus Nazi references as humor/parody, not suitable for minors or those easily offended.
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When the fit hits the shan and the world's about to blow up, send for secret agent Biff Thrash! This man is dangerous!
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01: Mission Assigned 02: Miss Blotsky 03: Unexpected Guests 04: A Little Something Extra 05: Road Hog 06: Dwarf From Above 07: Slight Detour 08:  Das General 09:  The Box 10:  Schmack! 11:  Escape! 12: Vengeance Day! 13: Rescue Mission 14: Mission Interrupted 15: Night Terrors! 16: Count Rastov 17: 5 Minutes 18:  Objects of Interest 19:  The Train 20:  Showdown 21:  The Contessa 22: For the Shire 23: Awakening 24: Pretty rockets 25: Hunter & prey 26: Blenkinsop! 27: Double trouble 28: Thrash scores 29: Crazy Adolf 30: Bish bosh 31: Plan B 32: Enter password 33: X-Ray 34: Made for walking 35: Not beaten yet 36: Ghost In The Machine 37: Apologies for the interruption 38: Slight detour. 39: Out of the frying pan. 40: And so it begins. 41: Kapitan's Log. 42: Launching torpedoes! 43: Mansfield who? 44: Everyone aboard.

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