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Agent Biff Thrash, old version Secret Agent Biff Thrash, British Intelligence. Crack shot. Explosives and sabotage expert. Cleared for unarmed combat. This man is dangerous! Agent Biff Thrash, new version
X "X" - head of British Intelligence, real name Sir Barrington Dimwater-Jones.  
Miss Ponsonby Miss Ponsonby, X's secretary/personal assistant. Highly proficient with weapons and assault tactics, as are all British Intelligence personnel. Miss Ponsonby, possessed
Blenkinsop Blenkinsop, high-ranking exec officer in British Intelligence, friend of Biff Thrash. Unfortunately old Blenkers turned out to be a double agent working for the Nazis. Blenkinsop pointing a gun at X
Old Charlie Old Charlie, lift operator at British Intelligence H.Q. When a pair of Kilovian agents penetrated the building's security and attacked Thrash, Old Charlie grabbed Thrash, revealing himself to be a double agent. Thrash instinctively snapped Old Charlie's neck like a twig. Goodbye Old Charlie
Miranda Blotsky, old version Miranda Blotsky, scientist. Daughter of scientist Mansfield Blotsky, genius designer of Britain's new orbital laser platform. When Blotsky goes missing, Thrash is assigned to find him and visits Miranda to see if she has any information. Miranda Blotsky, new version
Kilovian agent
Kilovian agent
Kilovian agent
Kilovian agent
Various Kilovian agents who try to kidnap Miranda and kill Thrash, but fail. They pay with their lives.  
Yorga Yorga, dwarf assassin. The Zwerg Geschwaderangriff Meuchelmörder are genetically engineered killers, created as a Nazi terrorweapon towards the end of World War II. Unleashed against advancing Allied forces, they decimated officer ranks until the American OSS and its Russian counterparts deployed special units to hunt them down. Their life spans were expected to last only a few weeks but these miniature assassins exceeded their design expectations by living well beyond the original estimate. Thrash vanquished Yorga and revealed the dead dwarf's Nazi Swastika tattoo. Yorga
Zenglov and Dymityr, more Kilovian agents who try to kill Thrash and Miranda. Zenglov was the bare-knuckle wrestling champion of the People's Republic of Kilovia, but this didn't help him any.  
Igor Dwarf assassin (unnamed... Thrash refers to him variously as Igor, Shorty, Stumpy, Little Chum, etc.). After shooting Thrash and delivering him and Miranda to the secret Nazi base, the dwarf surprises Thrash by changing sides and helping him take action against the Nazis. Igor
Nazi Island, just off the English coast A private retreat off the south coast of England (cheerfully nicknamed Nazi Island by the English locals) where nasty people have been up to all kinds of mischief involving nuclear-tipped rockets and plans to take over the world. Miss Ponsonby discovers Nazi Island
Major von Gruss Major von Gruss, ruthless Nazi officer responsible for Thrash's interrogation.  
Leutnant Helga, old version Leutnant Helga, Von Gruss's assistant, a medically trained sadist. After torturing Thrash she falls in love with him and assists his escape. Leutnant Helga, new version
Colonel Hinkel Colonel Hinkel, whose appearance astounds Thrash, he's the spitting image of Blenkinsop. A Nazi clone of the elite officer class.  
General von Klank General von Klank, head of Nazi terrorweapon division and Chairman of the Thule-Gesellschaft, better known as the Thule Society, the Nazi occult organization. Given that he was active during World War II, Von Klank must be at least a century old. Drives around in a tracked assault vehicle equipped with machine guns and rockets. Responsible for creating the Zwerg Geschwaderangriff Meuchelmörder during World War II and has a finger in Nazi cloning processes involving the Spear of Destiny and the Grail, which were obtained by Thule Society agents. General von Klank in his tracked assault vehicle
Bobby Adolf Hitler clone, who prefers to be called "Bobby" because his original name has such negative connotations. His opposition to Nazi ideals resulted in his being hunted down by the Black Guard.  
Black Guard The Black Guard - composed of Hitler clones who failed tests that would have made them the new Fuhrer, but are sufficiently Nazi in outlook to join the ranks of the Fuhrer's elite bodyguard company. Black Guard
Hitler clone Adolf Hitler clone who passed all the evil Nazi tests with flying colors and became the new Fuhrer. He has been biologically attuned to the secret Nazi base's systems for maniacal paranoid security reasons, and if he dies the base will blow itself sky-high, taking most of southern England with it.  
Doctor von Nyborg, in charge of the Nazi V2-X program that will deliver nearly 1,000 nuclear tipped rockets onto cities across the globe, reducing them to rubble -- "Vengeance Day." The survivors will be easily conquered by Nazi forces who will then rule the world.  
Count Rastov
Contessa Cassandra D'Necro
Count von Radenbrach
The Night Terrors - cadre of vampires who support the Nazi cause. "Igor" describes them thusly:
Count Rastov, whose crimes and bizarre tastes are too vile to detail.
Contessa Cassandra D'Necro, the most evil woman in all of Europe.
Krag, strongest and most brutal, whose scars were inflicted by an English crusader whose sword was thrice-blessed by a priest.
Wily Von Radenbrach, the Fuhrer's soothsayer, whose will governs the course of future events.

After Thrash foils the Nazi "Vengeance Day" plan to destroy the world's capitals with a thousand V2-X rockets, Von Radenbrach kidnaps Thrash and Miss Ponsonby and takes them aboard the nuclear submarine HMS Appendicitis, whose entire crew he has turned into undead puppets.

HMS Appendicitis
Undead crew member
Kapitan von Flugel Kapitan von Flugel, U-Boat commander, trapped on the ocean floor for decades before being released from his steel tomb by Von Radenbrach. Von Flugel used the dark magicks contained in the Nekronomikon to live on after his ship was sunk by the Royal Navy, not realizing he would become a rotted semi-corpse. After the Count worked more magick aboard HMS Appedicitis, von Flugel regained his former human appearance and seemed immune to bullets. Kapitan von Flugel
Ophelia Blotsky Ophelia Blotsky, younger daughter of Mansfield Blotsky. Deceased. Part of her personality lived on in the AI guiding the British orbital laser platform designed by her genius father. When Miranda pushed Ophelia to open fire on London and Skragburg, the Kilovian capital, Ophelia defied her sister by allowing a British space shuttle to approach unhindered and open fire, destroying the orbital platform, and herself along with it. Ophelia with her bonkers sister, Miranda
Magda von Flugel Magda von Flugel, SS Standartenfuhrer, killed in WWII. Resurrected by von Radenbrach using the dark magick of the Nekronomikon, Magda possesses Miss Ponsonby's body. As well as advising the Fuhrer on foreign policy, Madga appeared on the front cover of SS Magazine, January 1942 issue, inspiring the Nazi cause with her considerable charms. SS Standartenfuhrer Magda von Flugel circa 1942
Mansfield Blotsky Mansfield Blotsky, former Kilovian scientist now working for Britain. Father of Miranda and Ophelia Blotsky. Blotsky suddenly went missing, kicking off an intensive search; Kilovian agents were suspected of kidnapping him. British Intelligence was brought in and Thrash was assigned to track Blotsky down. Blotsky turned up aboard HMS Appendicitis, presumably acquired by von Radenbrach. Blotsky pointing a gun at Thrash
Agent impersonating Mansfield Blotsky Unnamed British Intelligence agent impersonating Mansfield Blotsky, so the British could keep hold of the original Blotsky while his doppelganger returned to Kilovia and did some spying. Alas this brave soul gave his life for Queen and Country.
General Milok Groanovich General Milok Groanovich, head of the Kilovian Foreign Service's "KK" Department (Killing & Kidnapping). Unknown to the British, the Kilovians have been ferreting out and destroying Nazi bases. To X's surprise, Groanovich offers assistance to his opposite number. General Milok Groanovich disguised as cleaning lady Mrs. Grimshaw



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