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G.S.S. Eagle, SN 1300-B





Alien vessel encountered in the Warpstream

Starship Captain II webcomic by Derek Paterson


Star Captain William Star, commanding Galactic Survey Ship Eagle. Veteran of the Demon Wars, which saw the Friendship of Worlds alliance defeat and contain the Hellspawn. Now assigned to the Galactic Survey Corps. L'zfer Commander L'zfer. A "Devil" -- member of the H'lspau race, better known as the Hellspawn. Assigned to Eagle against Star's wishes. His presence created immediate tension among the ship's crew, many of whom are from the Outer Colonies which suffered horribly under Hellspawn occupation.
Stuart Lieutenant Charles Edward Stuart, bridge officer. Ruger Lieutenant Karl Ruger, bridge pilot officer.
Kendra Ensign Kendra Amoha, acting navigation officer. Vega Colonist, dubbed a "Nightstalker" by other crew members. Possesses powerful and often unpredictable telepathic abilities as a result of Hellspawn experimentation. Tunka Ensign Tunka, comms. specialist. Regulus Colonist, Gnuk warrior clan.
Caine Ensign Caine, bridge officer. Mira Lieutenant Jane Mira, Science Team Leader & Shipboard Security officer.
O'Hara Doctor Kathleen O'Hara. Byron Security Chief Byron. "The Zedun only exist as a race because the Devils created them as snacks. The Zedun don't know whether to hate the Devils, or worship them." ~Dr. O'Hara.
MacDougal Chief Engineer MacDougal. Served with the Friendship task force that annihilated the Hellspawn fleet at the battle of Proxima Centauri, effectively ending the Demon Wars. Hartley Engineer Hartley. Possessed by an alien intelligence, which imbues him with mind-control and telekinetic powers. Refers to the unknown X-design vessel that Eagle encounters in the Warpstream as a Vor ship.
Che'rak Che'rak, referred to by Tunka as "the Lantian traitor." Killed by Rigellian mercenaries. Before they shoot him, he tells them they are too late, "The tomb is found, that which should have been left to lie, is released." Chalane Chalane. Apparently female of unknown species. Speaks excellent Friendship Common Language. Offers no information about her species or its intentions. Asks Star what he knows about the Vor.
M'Rassi M'Rassi, hulkish alien creatures who lead Star into an underground tunnel complex. Mercenary Rigellian mercenary. A squad of mercs executed Che'rak and could have killed Star, but had orders not to.
B'aala B'aala, a H'lspau. "Ambassador to the lesser species." Tells Stuart that she boarded Eagle in pursuit of a criminal. Refers to the unknown X-design vessel that Eagle encounters in the Warpstream as a Kundi ship. De Santos Crewman Emilé De Santos, seconded to Shipboard Security. Outer Colonist.
Sandor Security Specialist Sandor. Awarded two commendations for valor in the Demon Wars. Devil Unnamed Devil whom Star encounters in the underground cavern on Lazur's Planet. The Devil erects a pylon structure that focuses energy in the cavern to release an alien entity that is apparently imprisoned there.
Zedun One of two Zedun security guards accompanying the Devil. Communicates with Star by inviting him into Zedun mindspace, and makes a fateful decision after Star tells him that in the future, the Zedun are no longer slaves of the Devils. Alien entity Alien entity, released from captivity by the Devil, which appears in giant apparition form.
Sindarl Sindarl, an alien of unknown species, encountered by Lt. Mira and Ensign Caine aboard the separated command section of the X-design vessel. Possesses linguistics skills, interfaces between Mira and the Shartha. The Shartha Shartha, found aboard the X-design vessel. Large, physically powerful and well-armed. They are not fans of the H'lspau. Who is?
Commander Nezrel Nezrel of the Sixth Contingent, Rigellian mercenary commander. Taken by Star as "booty" as per the strict rules of her Guild. Only an officer of equal or higher rank to Star can challenge this. [clickable thumbnail]  




Rigellian Axe Raider




Lazur's Planet - ice world

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