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Contains comic violence plus Nazi images as humor/parody, not suitable for minors or those easily offended.

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Agent Biff Thrash Secret Agent Biff Thrash, British Intelligence, code name Red Rooster. Crack shot. Explosives and sabotage expert. Cleared for unarmed combat. This man is dangerous!
X "X" - head of British Intelligence, real name Sir Barrington Dimwater-Jones. X dispatches Thrash to darkest Russia, to penetrate a Soviet-era complex that houses the B.O.R.I.S. supercomputer designed and built in the early 1970s. Which, despite only having 16K of RAM, may still be able to take over the world's computer systems. They really knew how to code back then.  
Leutnant Helga Leutnant Helga, whom Biff met in his previous adventure. Helga was killed, but apparently is a vampire now, serving the Contessa, see below. She can be playful and she can be dangerous. Sometimes both at the same time.
Contessa Cassandra D'Necro Contessa Cassandra D'Necro, once described as the most evil woman in all of Europe, now apparently working with British Intelligence. Well I never, who would have believed it? Despite protestations by psychiatrists, who maintain that vampires don't exist, the Contessa would indeed seem to be a vampire.  
Major Hinkel Major Hinkel, a Nazi clone of the elite officer class. Thrash met previous versions of Hinkel, one of which had infiltrated British Intelligence as Blenkinsop, whom Thrash regarded as a close friend.  
Guards! Guards! Cloned Nazi soldiers. Thrash met bucket-loads of these schweinhunds in his first adventure. They were created by General von Klank, head of Nazi terrorweapon division and Chairman of the Thule-Gesellschaft, better known as the Thule Society, the Nazi occult organization. They have secret bases all over the world and may always be presumed to be up to shenanigans. General von Klank
Baron Bouffant Baron Karl Rudolph Blitzen von Bouffant, international playboy, heir to the Bouffant fashion empire. Former member of Russian G.R.U. (Soviet Army Intelligence) turned criminal mastermind. British Intelligence knows he's up to something dastardly and has lost several agents in trying to find out what.  
Agent Barbara Kensington Agent Pink Flamingo, aka Barbara Kensington, ordered to infiltrate Baron Bouffant's organization.  
Agent Lance Stirling Agent Lance Stirling, code name Gray Squirrel, thought to have been killed in action, encountered by Thrash and Helga in the underground complex, disguised as a Soviet soldier. Thrash isn't sure if Stirling is still working for the Firm, or is off the books doing his own thing.  
Guard Mikhaylov Fyodor Igorevich, 57th Ural Mountains Guard Division, deceased. Revenant sentry, one of many who roam the underground complex, with orders to kill any intruders. Helga explains to Thrash that killing any of the guards or creatures in the complex can have a knock-on effect, triggering other guards into action. And that killing too many might awaken "those who sleep", which would have very unfortunate consequences.  
Major Anistasiya Valeriya Grommitkov Major Anistasiya Valeriya Grommitkov, Russian military officer, encountered by Thrash and Stirling. Refuses to reveal her mission, which is classified. Claims her troop was wiped out. Regimental knife-throwing champion.  
Von Gruss Von Gruss, a Nazi clone of the scientist engineer class, whom Thrash met on Nazi Island. Thrash killed that Von Gruss but there may be others, that's the problem with clones, damn it all.  
Count Radenbrach Count Radenbrach, vampyr. Although decapitated in a previous adventure, the Count is back.  
Angelina Ponsonby Miss Ponsonby, X's former secretary, last seen in Thrash's previous adventure. Unfortunately got involved with Von Radenbrach, who used the dark magicks of the Necromikon to insert the spirit of Nazi fanatic Magda von Flugel into Miss Ponsonby's body. Her death haunts Thrash. Even though he can take some pride in having sliced Von Radenbrach's head off. Magda von Flugel
Count Radenbrach



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