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Tue 17 May 2016: I thought I'd break myself in gently yesterday with an easy stick comic page before I resumed comic updates, but my mouse finger's killin' me today!
Also not sure why the freeshoutbox boxes are no longer working, I can't find any mention of this on the internet, but I guess something's changed somewhere.
26 Apr 2016: I haven't stopped the comics, I've just been super busy these past weeks. Updates coming as soon as time permits!
10 Dec 2015: Alas comics are on hold for a while, again. Sore eyes, sore mouse fingers. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
Update, 03 Aug 2015: I keep meaning to get back to the comics but sore mouse fingers and tired eyes are keeping me away, I'm trying to learn dictation to help the prose along, which ain't easy. Meanwhile, patience please, will update whenever I can.
News, 10 June 2015: Updates may be a little slower this month, I'm writing again, gotta strike while the muse is upon me, I'll get back to the comics ASAP.
10 Mar 15:   Did some comic updates over the weekend, the majors are back in play, the minor side projects will have to wait! Still fiddling with writing prose most days. And Real Life keeps annoying me. But I'll try to revisit the comics at least every 2 weeks or so.
20 Dec 14:   Been taking a break from comics, doing NaNoWriMo and finishing stories that kept calling to me in the middle of the night. Several of which are on Amazon now!
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Normal comic updates will resume as soon as prose writing stops!
11 Aug 14:   Still having problems working with the very slow Princess Yuki models, but pressing ahead with other comics, I'm seeing light at the ends of a couple of tunnels, moving slowly closer... BAM.
01 Aug 14:   Slight problems with Sword Princess Yukisaki, much-too-slow response when trying to update the models, maybe I've hit the "too busy" plateau again for this laptop with its paltry 8Gb memory, will try cutting down details and fudging backgrounds instead of cluttering the models. Shrug, just thinking aloud.
12 Jul 14:   Just home from a splendid month's vacation spent in hospital. Hope to find time and energy for the comics soon. Thanks all for your comments and emails, much appreciated!
16 Mar 2014:   Achy mouse finger and eyestrain still affecting production, but I had some panels half-done, so I made some short pages up. Hopefully more will follow soon.
16 Feb 2014: Sorry for update delays, combination of things, achy mouse finger being the worst, I guess. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Prose is calling to me in the meantime.
17 Jan 2014: The end was nigh for the old laptop, so I saved up the pennies and bought myself a new machine! Which appears to be faster, yay for dual core, but adjusting to Windows 8, hoo boy. I had a pretty streamlined operation for making comics but some thinking is required just to work around the obstacles that have been put in my way (even with the 8.1 upgrade installed). Which could take a moment or five, please be patient!
01 Jan 2014: Happy New Year tae ane an' a', here's hoping 2014 is a good one!
25 Dec 2013: Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays to all, hope you're having cosy relaxing times with family and friends, or just the warmth of the internet.  Thanks for reading, much appreciated.
12 Dec 2013: With no warning or reason, effing Windows decided to reset itself back to default level, like it was when I got the laptop all those years ago.  My taskbar and desktop icons are AWOL and passwords I haven't had to enter in years have blanked out, damned if I can remember what they were!  System Restore failed me utterly, it just would not work, the software listed restore points but when I selected any of these, the system would crunch away for 30 minutes at a time before finally saying nope, try another!  So I'm manually re-installing things and/or setting them up again. And of course there's no guarantee the same thing won't happen again!  Thank you, Windows.  (Note, I didn't lose any data, I've got things pretty well backed up.  It's the Windows system that decided to go and screw itself, after an error-free shutdown the previous night.  How many tweaks and pokes and upgrades have you applied to your system since the first time you switched it on?  Imagine they suddenly vanished.  Just a liiiiitle bit frustrating.)
29 Nov 2013: Updates are mostly back to normal, aside from SA2 which needs a ton of work on new characters & locations that I just don't have time for. My plan to use November for NaNoWriMo turned to crap, this strip turned out to be prophetical! Meh. Next year for sure!
10 Nov 2013: Doing NaNo this month, sorry for the lack of updates!
05 Oct 2013: Prose calls to me again, comics aren't on hiatus but they probably won't be as frequent, so sorry.
Thu 12 Sep 2013: Still in prose mode, so comic updates may be more erratic than usual, but I've not quit yet!  :)
Mon 02 Sep 2013: Taking a few days off, prose demands to be written!
Thu 22 Aug 2013: 3 updates in a row today, I hope they make sense!! (Mars II, Crowbar, Space Pirates)
Sat 17 Aug 2013: You Call That A Stick Figure Comic is my doodle pad for stray thoughts and fun ideas, last update was Oct 2012, how time flies! A whole bunch of recent family and friend funerals required a brain fart via YCT, just to cheer myself up!
15 Aug 2013: Just sayin', I've had a good run these past weeks, not getting much eyestrain, but that's 'cause I'm getting the hell off the laptop the instant I experience any twinges or blurring (the latter, usually late at night, just tired eyes). Mouse finger gets the ache sometimes but I've got a mouse with real sensitive buttons that doesn't require much click-pressure. Sometimes it's my thumb that aches, from gripping the mouse! Got to remember to ease off, the mouse isn't going to run away if I let go a little. My exciting life!
04 Jul 2013: Instead of the individual little news nubs, put in a link to a previous news file instead. Who even reads it anyway?
28 Jun 2013: Looks like the comments boxes are back after a slight hiccup. Nothing on the website to suggest what. No worries, can't complain about a free service!
28 Jun 2013: Seems like is having a blip today, I can't see any of the comments boxes. Hopefully temporary.
02 Jun 2013: Trying for a gradual return to the comics, even if it's only one page per week! I'd cross my fingers, but my mouse finger's killing me already! Let's see how it goes.
22 Apr 2013: I blink, and months have slid by! Apologies, still, for the lack of updates. Eyestrain, still happening. Also, mouse finger blues, probably repetitive strain. Dis is murder. Haven't forgotten the comics, just can't work on them right now. The stories are still dancing around in my noggin, waiting for me to finish 'em.
20 Feb 2013: I'm not having constant eyestrain or anything, but every time I work with graphics, the old eyes get sore real quick and that leads to a thumper of a headache. The comics aren't dead yet but alas the hiatus continues, real sorry 'bout that. Thanks for understanding and for the well-wishes, appreciated.
25 Jan 2013: Apologies again for update delays, eyestrain just keeps hitting me. Will be back in business as soon as it goes away.
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