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MARS aka the Red Planet aka The Big Red One

Colonel Dundan Raglan Colonel Duncan Raglan, Lunacorp Special Projects Division, sent to Mars to ensure loose ends are tied up after the "sex robot" debacle (see the first MARS adventure). Raglan arrives on Mars expecting to receive support from Lunacorp assets, but discovers they have been killed in hostile exchanges with the Martian Enforcers.
Sheila Mercer Specialist Sheila Mercer, Lunacorp Offworld Services employee, a "mule driver." She meets Raglan on Mars and conveys him to a secret supply base aboard a hovercraft, avoiding discovery by spy satellites. Civilian.
Lt. Mercy Marsh Lt. Mercy Marsh, Enforcer. Reports death of a yeast farmer, Vasso, to Captain Kulato. Vasso and his dogs were crushed, "just like the others."
Captain Kulato Captain Kulato, Enforcer commander. The Enforcers are the Martian colony's police force. As the colony seeks independence, the Enforcers tool up to resist intrusion by covert U.N. Space Marine units and mercenaries working for Lunacorp, which has invested heavily in Mars and refuses to be pushed out.
Lucius Van Vorg Lucius Durant Van Vorg, head of Van Vorg Robotics Corporation. Lives on Mars. Terminal illness. Without asking for or receiving any official authorization, Van Vorg is shipping robots offworld, to the Jovian satellites and beyond, to facilitate future human expansion into space. His self-sufficient underground factory complex is producing thousands of units. His robots worship him as "The Creator."
Chiaka Chiaka, Van Vorg's personal assistant. A high-function humaniform robot. As Van Vorg approaches death, Chiaka initiates a regeneration project that not only produces a new body for Van Vorg, but also uses microbots to record his brain pattern and memories for transfer.
John John, a high function humaniform robot. Possibly superseded by Chiaka as Van Vorg's personal assistant. Accompanies Chiaka in a search for missing robots and equipment in the labyrinth of vast storage compartments under Van Vorg's factory complex. Hates the term "android".
Dutch Dutch Cornelisen, U.N. Space Marine. Wears cam-suit that renders him almost invisible to the eye in the Martian landscape. Carries AR-1400 pulse rifle. Seeks sanctuary with Raglan after his platoon was reportedly wiped out by an orbital double-tap. The reality was less dramatic, low-thinking farm robots saw the UNSMs as blockages in the irrigation system. Dutch's unit was ordered to Devil's Canyon. They were 60 klicks away when they picked up a garbled transmission that was cut off.
Dr. Rachel Halliday Doctor Rachel Halliday, robotics designer/engineer, works for Van Vorg Corporation and offers consultant services to Lunacorp. Halliday was dispatched to Mars as soon as reports of robots injuring/murdering humans reached Earth and the Moon.

Halliday is reported as having been arrested and executed by Martian enforcers.

Dotty Dorothy "Dotty" Duval, duty officer at Lunacorp's Huxley Laboratory on the far side of the Moon.
Sir Alistair Sir Alistair, executive director of Lunacorp's Huxley Laboratory on the far side of the Moon.
Commander Quint Commander Henry Quint, commanding U.N. gunboat Amazon Lily which is ordered to attack Huxley Laboratory on the Moon.
Durant Lucius Durant Van Vorg, a clone of the original Lucius Durant Van Vorg, but unfortunately his growth process was interrupted and he turned out to be a bit of a psycho nutjob.
Ransom Gilliam Ranson Gilliam, encountered by Raglan and Halliday when they visited the deceased Lucius Van Vorg. Gilliam was discovered to be a necrophile who was fiddling with Van Vorg's corpse. Raglan killed him.





X-15D Swingwing rapid deployment transport, designed by Van Vorg Spacial Dynamics Division

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