MARS - A murder mystery on Mars
MARS - A murder mystery on Mars
CROWBAR - robots, cyborgs, space pirates, aliens!
CROWBAR - robots, cyborgs, space pirates, aliens!
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Secret Agent: British Intelligence - When the fit hits the shan and the world's about to blow up, send for secret agent Biff Thrash! This man is dangerous!
Secret Agent: British Intelligence - When the fit hits the shan and the world's about to blow up, send for secret agent Biff Thrash! This man is dangerous!
Starship Captain - the adventures of Captain William Star and the crew of the GSS Eagle
Starship Captain - the adventures of Captain William Star and the crew of the GSS Eagle
[Relative date 09 Apr 2015]

After saying farewell to the alien avatar, who is returning to the Worldship, Bruce has rescued a Black Quarter space pirate and ruthlessly interrogated her by offering her a cup of coffee. He believes or hopes that she can provide codes that might allow him to get Valhalla closer to the pirates' space wheel headquarters.

Aboard the BQ space wheel, Slasher, Gunner and Joe find themselves taking Titania and her companions to a hangar where they can obtain a ship to get off the wheel. The ladies have proven themselves to be psycho killers by slaughtering a squad of armed space pirates. They can also exude pheromones that encourage hot-blooded males to do their bidding, as Slasher and Joe have already discovered.

Ginger has been shot through the heart. Olga, the space pirates' chief surgeon, who would normally be expected to slice victims open and harvest their organs, has promised to care for him, leaving Gunner and Slasher free to wreak mayhem aboard the BQ space wheel.

Aboard pirate hunter Thor, Thinker and Monty have realized the extent to which the little blue alien guys have upgraded their ship, with alien tech that's entirely transmuted Thor's molecular structure.

Also aboard Thor, Kitty is, uh, negotiating with one of the little guys, in her cabin...

The Nestog as they call themselves came aboard Thor in something called an Urnaaa, which is essentially an organism-thing (maybe?) that can morph into other forms, from a big tube-like worm to a multi-legged creepy crawly with giant eyeballs. The Nestog travel in liquid form, inside eggs, which the Urnaaa laid. And out they popped. They made contact with Monty, explaining that they were searching for their womenfolk, whom they have not seen since a long-running war with space pirates in their native star system separated them.

Aboard the Starfire project, Professor Castro Abernath has been regenerated (at the cost of Jinx's life) and plans to manually detonate Starfire, which will transform Jupiter into a minor star and destroy the Worldship. This mission is the primary focus of Abernath, his wife Chalice and his nutjob daughters Minara, Kiarra and Ariana.

Also aboard Starfire, Muscles and Nadia are trying to figure out a way to stop Abernath, because if Starfire ignites then not only will they be killed, the Jovian satellites and 10,000 colonists will also be consumed. And who knows what a second sun will do to the Solar System?

CASUALTIES  We've lost five guys so far: •Jinx died when the wolf-guy or whatever the hell he was used him as a live circuit to kick-start Wotan's engines and prevent a fatal collision. Jinx was brought back into existence by the regeneration equipment aboard Starfire, and then died a second time (!) when Chalice Abernath forced him at gunpoint into the hugely radioactive molecular accerator that regenerated Professor Castro Abernath. •Speedy died at the controls when Thor was depth charged by a pirate base ship. •Digger died when a search party from Thor entered the Worldship and encountered dangerous alien defense mechanisms. Bruce encountered him later aboard the Worldship, suggesting Digger had somehow been returned to life. Digger was killed again when he attacked the alien queen. •Guzzler was vaporized when Thor was attacked by pirate raiders. He reappeared aboard Thor to warn Speedy, and later to convey information to Monty. •Doodlebug is missing presumed killed in action when Wotan came under fire from a pirate raider aboard Starfire.

[Previous version. Relative date 07 Jan 2014]

Bruce and Callisto Vorga have parted company, Bruce is heading for the big wheel (BQ headquarters) and Callisto is heading to rendezvous with the Ganymede armed tugboat fleet.

Aboard the BQ wheel, Gunner and Slasher meet up with Joe who came aboard the wheel with Titania (blue alien girl who got aboard THOR via Guzzler). Ginger has been shot, Gunner leaves her to Olga's care while he and Slasher go off to cause mayhem. They run into Titania and a bunch of other slightly odd-looking women.

Sweet little Penelope has murdered her father Stard to become supreme leader of the Black Quarter space pirate organization. Dubress promises to support her and gives her a year to succeed, otherwise he'll take over.

The short-range SWORD component of the Jovian Colonies Defense Organization, led by Ven Rogarn, has found and engaged a fleet of Black Quarter base ships and raiders lurking in Jupiter's upper atmosphere. Elsewhere, the long-range SPEAR component, led by Gadgets, is falling in towards Jupiter from extreme altitude. Thor is missing and information is scarce, but SPEAR is breaking cover to engage the pirates with every ship it's got. This may be the final battle for possession of Jupiter and her satellites.

Jinx and Nadia have apparently been resurrected by Chalice Strom, wife of Professor Castro Abernath, designer of the STARFIRE project, a weapon that will transform Jupiter into a sun in order to destroy the gigantic alien WORLDSHIP that has been discovered lurking in Jupiter's depths. It looks as if Chalice is reconstructing her dead husband, also. Which could be awkward for Jinx since they believe he killed Abernath.

As THOR battles BQ raiders in the depths, an alien entity that Thinker brought aboard from the WORLDSHIP, so he could improve THOR's systems with alien tech, had escaped. It has mutated into a tentacle thing with big eyeballs that has terrified Kitty. Meanwhile Speedy is visited by Guzzler's ghost (apparently) who tells Speedy he's going to die, an instant before THOR is caught in a titanic explosion.

[Previous version. Relative date 08 Mar 2012]

Bruce, Captain Callisto Vorga and alien avatar hologram aboard the alien runabout Bruce stole from the Worldship (after bonking the alien queen and defeating giant robot warrior Xor). The Avatar has shown Bruce the Black Quarter double wheel headquarters, the tugboat fleet leaving Ganymede, and Slasher aboard Ginger's BQ gun skiff.

Gunner, Ginger and Slasher aboard captured Black Quarter gun skiff, with prisoners Olga and McGruff in background. Ginger stole the skiff and used it to blitz a BQ base ship from the inside. He rescued Gunner and the others from their doomed BQ raider. They're following THOR, which zoomed past them like a bat out of hell.

Speedy, Alien Girl and Joe aboard THOR. Inserts, Monty, Kitty and Thinker. THOR is engaged in battle with BQ base ships and raiders, launched from BQ space wheel. Guzzler is a casualty, Thinker is in medlab. Alien Girl has emitted hormones that made Speedy and Joe fight over her, and seems to want to leave THOR. Kitty is in the pilot's chair, since master pilot Nadia is aboard WOTAN.

Tugboat captains heading away from Ganymede Hub, having blitzed U.N. gunboat ORCHID FLOWER and survived an attack by U.N. special forces on the Hub. Bottom-right, Dalston is still aboard the Hub, locked in the control room.

Muscles and Doodlebug aboard THOR. Insert, Nadia. Having found secret U.N. mega-weapon Project Starfire, which is designed to ignite Jupiter, Muscles tells Doodlebug they have to get aboard and kill Abernath. Nadia is trapped in the fake toilet, which is a trap laid for Jinx left by Gromakov, the scheming and possibly insane former ship's engineer.

Kiarra, Jinx, Ariana and Professor Abernath aboard Project Starfire. Abernath is definitely up to something shady while his nutjob daughters are arguing over whether to kill Jinx. Ariana has already bonked Jinx, is this enough to keep him alive?

Penelope and Commander Kestrin, with insert, Stard, Penelope's father, head of the Black Quarter space pirate organization. Kestrin has ordered all base ships to launch to defend the BQ space wheel from intruders... not that they expect THOR to even get close enough to cause damage.

Commander Lucius Rodney and the crew of U.N. gunboat ORCHID FLOWER. Rodney and his entire crew had been corrupted to the core by Black Quarter. Frenchie and secret U.N. intelligence agent Leftenant Jones escaped in a pod before armed tugboat captain Rogarn pumped 2 missiles into ORCHID FLOWER's bridge, crippling the gunboat.

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