MARS II - further mystery on the Red Planet
MARS II - further mystery on the Red Planet

Starship Captain II - the further adventures of Captain William Star and the crew of the GSS Eagle
Starship Captain II - the further adventures of Captain William Star and the crew of the GSS Eagle

Space Pirates of the Black Quarter - latest update

Sci-Fi adventure out Jupiter way.

CAPTAIN GOLD AND THE ROBOTRONS - A secret organization wages war against advanced robots who can take on human form. Top agent Captain Gold leads the fight against the cunning machines.
CAPTAIN GOLD AND THE ROBOTRONS - A secret organization wages war against advanced robots who can take on human form. Top agent Captain Gold leads the fight against the cunning machines.


In the near future, human colonies on Jupiter's moons are attacked by the Black Quarter space pirate organization, whose advanced ships can outrun other vessels. A mismatched band of tugboat captains and smugglers takes the pirates on, using near-obsolete hardware, and help from an unexpected source.
Tugboat WOTAN T30921


  U.N. warden's vessel VALHALLA


  The 'Slash Jet' - fastest ship in the Solar System


  Ganymede Hub


  Tugboat Neptunian Harlot


  Tugboat Red Shift


  Tugboat Geisha Flower


  Tugboat Dying Breed


  Tugboat Wild Thing


  Tugboat Daddy's Little Girl

— Cast list —
Halyard Rogers aka Ginger, pilot of tugboat WOTAN. Former U.N. Space Navy pilot. Suspected of smuggling and trafficking by U.N. Intelligence Service, but has always managed to escape arrest. Upgraded model
Nils Bergan aka Gunner, owner of tugboat WOTAN. Ex-U.N. Marine, weapons expert, crack shot. Former master of ore freighter BORGIA. Still has nightmares about a mysterious blocked toilet incident aboard BORGIA that was never fully explained.
Baldwin Dukayne aka Jinx, engineer, tugboat WOTAN. Jinx is cursed with bad luck, or good luck depending how you look at it. Served as engineer aboard the BORGIA. Keeps quiet about a certain blocked toilet incident. And he knew fear
Commander Lucius Rodney, U.N. gunboat ORCHID FLOWER. Rodney's superiors ordered him to patrol the Jovian subsystem and weed out pirates, not knowing that Rodney is in fact a secret Black Quarter agent and his entire ship's crew is corrupted.
Brent Dawson aka Julius Blade aka Slasher, undercover agent working for SPEAR. Infiltrated Black Quarter and became a high-ranking player. Slasher made contact with Ginger and Gunner when U.N. gunboat ORCHID FLOWER tried to destroy WOTAN. [p2] Upgraded model
Julius Blade, U.N. warden, a secret agent of Black Quarter who was passing shipping info on to the pirates. After working his way into Blade's confidence, Slasher killed Blade aboard VALHALLA and took over his identity.
Unnamed Black Quarter space pirate who recognizes and tries to kill Slasher aboard the SANDS OF TIME. [p9]
Olga, Black Quarter space pirate found aboard Lunacorp freightliner by Ginger and Gunner, harvesting organs from dead crew. Gunner threw her out the airlock but Ginger saved her. [p10] When Ginger was shot by space pirates, Olga replaced his damaged heart with an artificial heart, keeping him alive. [p19]
Dunstable, BQ space pirate who mocks Slasher aboard the SANDS OF TIME and tries to make a rapid getaway. [p10]
BQ raider pilot McGruff, BQ raider pilot, shows dangerous tendencies of loyalty towards Olga. [p26] Becomes an unwilling pilot for Slasher and Gunner when they take over his raider. [p36]
Bruce Anderson, former leader of SPEAR. Bruce was killed after Slasher's ship collided with his [p28]. Somehow he returned, haunting Jinx aboard WOTAN before taking solid form [p12]. After saving WOTAN from destruction Bruce disappeared again, and was resurrected by the giant alien warrior robot XOR. [p43] Upgraded model
Muscles, THOR crewman. Superhumanly strong.
Kitty, THOR crewman. Brings Jinx aboard THOR without mishap.
Thinker, current commander of SPEAR, having taken over when Bruce was killed. Unpopular with THOR's crew due to his superior attitude, Thinker nonetheless has led a vigorous campaign against the space pirates.
Speedy, THOR crewman. Possibly the fastest man alive. According to Thinker, [p21] Speedy is a wanted criminal sentenced to death by two satellite governments.
Nadia, THOR's master pilot.
Doodlebug, THOR's engineer. Upgraded model, the original got skewed and wouldn't cooperate any more!
Joe, Twin #1. THOR crewman. Holds a grudge against Bruce.
Monty, Twin #2. THOR crewman. Holds a real mean grudge against Bruce.
Pete Guzzini aka Guzzler. Infested with alien growth while investigating the Worldship. [p23] This gave Guzzler an astonishing appetite. Guzzler then gave birth to a blue alien... girl? Robot? Robot-girl? No, really, Jinx witnessed this. [p28]
Blue alien girl aka Titania, appeared aboard THOR when Guzzler apparently gave birth, after being infected by alien growth. [p28] Expertly pilots THOR when nuke detonates. [p36] Evolves physically and affects Speedy and Joe with pheromones, causing them to fight over her. She launches a lifeboat from THOR, with Joe aboard, and heads for the Black Quarter space wheel.
Digger, THOR crewman. Killed aboard the Worldship by an alien organism [p23]. Resurrected by Xor [p49].
Razor, THOR crewman. Caused Bruce's death [p28] then later tried to blow THOR to hell after fleeing in a tin can.
Stard, leader of the Exiles, a group of outlawed scientists who attempted world domination and very nearly succeeded. The survivors were shipped to Mars [p47] where they were expected to die. Instead, they flew to Jupiter and created the Black Quarter space pirate organization. Older version
Zhada, Chief Enforcer of the Black Quarter space pirate organization, a lethal killer with lightning reflexes. Encountered by Ginger aboard BQ base ship. [p39] Pure bonkers
Dunass, original Exile. Black Quarter high commander aboard BQ base ship that chased Gunner, Slasher and Olga after they commandeered a BQ raider. [p38]
Dubress, original Exile. Scientist. [p47]
Penelope, Stard's daughter Penelope, Stard's ruthless daughter who wants Kestrin killed for failure -- the Black Quarter way! [p53]
BQ Commander Kestrin Black Quarter Commander Kestrin, reports directly to Stard. Without helmet
BQ Base Ship Commander Mordekai BQ Base Ship Commander Mordekai. Recognizes Olga when his Base Ship homes in on captured BQ raider, refers to her as "princess". [p35] Abandons Dunass and saves himself, like a good pirate ought to, when Ginger shoots up the Base Ship. [p40]
BQ Section Leader Nikodemus BQ Section Leader Nikodemus. Tries to undermine Mordekai in front of Dunass. Shot to friggin pieces by Ginger. [p40]
BQ raider pilot BQ pilot, Raider 13, rescues Mordekai when Ginger shoots up the Base Ship. [p40]
Ensign Jones, assigned to ORCHID FLOWER, promoted to Leftenant Jones and the role of ship's logistics officer, which gives her access to all systems, allowing her to investigate what Commander Rodney has really been up to...
Callisto Vorga, captain of salvage vessel MISS MUFFET which discovered the drifting VALHALLA. After Bruce suddenly appeared aboard, Vorga was betrayed by her own crew, who killed Bruce. [p42/43]
Whistler, MISS MUFFET crewman. Tried to kill Bruce.
Lurch, MISS MUFFET crewman. Killed Bruce.
Squid, MISS MUFFET crewman. Killed by Whistler.
Tommy, MISS MUFFET crewman. Killed by Whistler.
Xor, giant alien warrior robot, guardian of the Worldship, which has been lurking in the lower depths of Jupiter's atmosphere for 19,000 years. Xor resurrects Bruce who he sees as the ultimate warrior and a suitable mating partner for his Queen. [p44,p48] Xor, Bruce and Queenie
With helmet Alien Queen, ruler of tens of thousands of alien females who are kept in suspended animation aboard the Worldship. She is instantly attracted to Bruce's warrior prowess and seduces him, intending to kill him and suck out his life juice to fertilize her daughters. It's alien and bizarre, don't ask. Without helmet
Dalston, Ganymede Hub administrator, has been directing SPEAR's operations against the space pirates.
Ashworth, Dalston's trusty assistant, turned out to be a U.N. agent, who knew?!
Ven Rogarn, captain of tugboat NEPTUNIAN HARLOT.
Frenchie LaVere, captain of tugboat LUCKY STAR which has cloaking ability. He may or may not have contacts in the U.N. Intelligence Service. You will never know his methods of penetration.
Kurt Apfel, captain of tugboat RED SHIFT.
Akiko Sukikayi, captain of tugboat GEISHA FLOWER.
Johnny Ringo, captain of tugboat DYING BREED.
Boomerang Hutchins, captain of tugboat WILD THING.
Dirk Bannerman, captain of tugboat DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL.
Gromakov, Wotan's former engineer, terrorized Jinx by setting traps around the ship before he left Wotan. The mere sight of him provokes fear in Jinx. Muscles found Gromakov dead in Wotan's com-laser turret.
Ariana, warrior woman encountered by Jinx aboard the STARFIRE project.
Kiarra, warrior woman encountered by Jinx aboard the STARFIRE project.
Minara, warrior woman encountered by Jinx aboard the STARFIRE project.
Professor Castro Abernath, genius scientist, designer of the STARFIRE project. Father to Ariana, Kiarra and Minara.
Steinitz, Abernath's AI assistant.
Professor Chalice Strom, scientist, Castro Abernath's wife, Ariana's mother. Intends to reconstruct Abernath from his remains. Claims to need a human soul to do this.


  THOR - pirate hunter


  U.N. gunboat ORCHID FLOWER


  Lunacorp freightliner SANDS OF TIME


  Black Quarter base ship carrying BQ raiders


  Black Quarter raider


  Black Quarter space wheel with base ships in dock


  Worldship (not to scale - it's huge)


  Salvage vessel MISS MUFFET

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