BUNS OF STEEL - A new super hero brings his own brand of justice to Mean City.
A new super hero brings his own brand of justice to Mean City.
Originally appeared in a guest slot in YOU CALL THAT A STICK FIGURE COMIC?

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Latest update: Mon 21 Sep 2020

Where we've got to:  In the swanky restaurant where Kent was hoping to have dinner with Mindy, Mr. Charles has made an entrance, slaughtering Colonel Thunder and his entire special ops team.  Because Mr. Charles is an inhuman alien being Nirvadian from a distant and horrible mechanical planet, and Kent is an Alelphan, whom the Nirvadians are sworn to obliterate....

Ask me another.
Mon 21 Sep 2020: Ask me another.
Mr. Charles, a mechanical life form, and, on the floor, Kent Clarkson a.k.a. Generic Superhero Guy, an illegal alien from another world.

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